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What Is a Mind Health Specialist?

As a Mind Health Specialist, I employ advanced mind integration techniques, such as CBT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced Psychology, and Influence Techniques, to help you transform how you feel about yourself and your struggles in a non-invasive way. My skills allow me to go beyond simply offering advice, I can help you change how you feel, and empower you to become the best version of yourself and unlock your full potential. The process is engaging and enjoyable, making it something you can look forward to.

How does it work?
Each and every person is unique and sees the world differently based on their own personal life experiences. I use Advanced Psychology techniques that are specific to the needs of each person, whether it's Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression, or even if you feel Lost, Stuck, or Just fed up and feel unfulfilled. Request a callback, and I will explain in more detail how the process will work for your specific needs. 

What's Different about Paul?

Traditional therapies often focus on trying to understand why you feel a certain way. But just because you know why you feel bad, doesn't mean that it will make you feel better. Talking about your problems can help, but it can also make you feel worse in the long run. Other therapies might tell you what you should be doing, like focusing on the positive, but it can still feel like you're in a constant battle within yourself. That's why it's important to find a way to make peace with your emotions and learn how to take control of your own mind.


I understand exactly what it feels like to struggle with anxiety and what it feels like to look for help. I am here to help you to let go of the heavy and irrational feelings that are holding you back. First, I will help you to have the experience of feeling what it is like to let go of the heaviness and have the experience of feeling light, while you are thinking about your problems. This will help you become aware of how it is possible to think about the challenges in your life without feeling stressed or anxious. We will then work on training your mind to have a better quality of attention. This is because your quality of life depends on what you focus on. People who struggle with anxiety usually have trouble focusing on the task at hand, getting stuck in thinking about the past, the future, their mistakes, what could go wrong, or what other people might be thinking about them. Together, we can resolve these issues and make changes so that the irrational part of the anxiety can never work the same way again. I will also help you develop a simple strategy that you can take away with you, so you can let go of any unnecessary feelings. You will be able to put things into perspective and feel and stay present.

What to Expect in Your First Session

Your breakthrough session will start by getting a clear understanding of what you want to work through, using an evidence-based assessment. And based on this assessment, I will begin to help you feel like you have a sense of perspective and distance on your challenges. Even in the first session, you will begin to feel better. And after you finish your first session, you will experience a clear sense of clarity and direction in your life, and you will begin to develop a more solution-focused mindset beyond your normal way of thinking.

The Main Issues Resolved in Your Next 3 Sessions?

Resolve trust issues, Resolve emotional problems, Feel appreciated, Neutralize conflict. Feel calm, Naturally feel like you can have more fun, Resolve emotional problems, Feel more confident, and Be more present. Have a clear mind, Stop seeking approval, let go of disapproval, Let go of the past, Stop worrying about the future,

Increase motivation, Let go of guilt, Stop feeling lonely, Overcome shyness, Overcome insecurities,  Thrive through uncertainty, Overcome feelings of betrayal, Resolve control issues,  Break bad habits, Overcome addictions,  Become a positive leader,  Become more adventurous,

Hi Paul a much calmer, less stressed daughter greeted me. I am very grateful to you for easing her distress.

Thank  you.

Kellyanne C

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