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Hey Paul. Jack here Sara's dad. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the work you have done with her She's doing very well and everyone tells me they can see a massive difference in her. Thank you very much. (Jack) Dublin


Hi Paul - am so much better since yesterday thank you - that lump feeling I had in my chest is completely gone - long may it last! (Peter) Wicklow

Good morning Paul I just wanted to thank you. I am very happy with the sessions so far, I know I am a bit skeptical at times but I found myself getting many benefits from the sessions and I catch myself thinking so differently now. Even the cancer fear is gone and that itself is so much worth every penny. I am very grateful for your commitment and passion. Have a great weekend. (Sam) Belfast


Hey Paul Just a quick thank you message. Had it not been for you and opening up my mind to my greater potential and letting go of the negativity I was harboring from my personal experience at work, I know I would not have been the tutor I needed to be so for that thank you! this has given me the relief I have been looking for for years and honestly, this is one of the best decisions I ever made, I'm still smiling like I won the lotto! Thank you for unlocking the mental block I've had for so long. There are no words for life events like this. (Laura) Dublin

Paul, just an update. This morning I did something that amazed me. I went to the dentist for the first time in years and had serious treatment. Haven't had treatment in 25 years without sedation and I was actually happy during the process.  weird or what? (Jude) Cork


Hi Paul. Thanks so much for offering to see my daughter. You're as good. The day before she saw you she had a complete meltdown but she went out with her pals Thursday night after seeing you and came home happy. I'm delighted! Thanks again. (Marcella) Rathmines

Hi Paul happy new year to you and yours - I hope you are well - just wondering if and when I need another session with you please? The Christmas day/family thing I was dreading went really well and I was much more accepting relaxed and no anxious feelings it was unreal and what I can only describe as a miracle anyway you might let me know and huge thanks again. (Derek) Clondalkin


How's it going man it's Hugh I'm free whenever you have a spot next just let me know starting to see a massive difference in my thinking can't wait to learn more. (Hugh) Maynooth


Hi, Paul just a quick word to let you know how have lost 2 stone so far every day makes me feel good just taught I would let you know. (Ann) Dublin


Hi Paul. 

I didn't want to celebrate too soon and jinx it but now I'm back I'd like to let you know I just went on my first holiday in 8 years.. I went to Disneyland Paris for 5 days it was brilliant. If I didn't go see you last year I don't think any of this would have been possible. 

Thanks for everything dude.

I really appreciate all the time u gave me. (Leon) Dublin


Hi Paul, a much calmer, less stressed daughter greeted me. I am very grateful to you for easing her distress. Thank you I am a very happy mum. (Kellyanne) South Dublin

Hi, Paul, I was talking to a work friend today and I noticed she friends with u on Facebook said it to her today at first she couldn't remember but then looked at your page and she was like. Omg, he saved my daughter's life. She was very bad with anxiety and was having meltdowns in the middle of the road. told me to tell you to thank you. The daughter is doing really well and has her life back. (Sharon) Dublin


Paul, I did absolutely brilliant in my presentation. I completely zoned out and everything went so well. My lecturer and classmates also came to me and told me how good I was. (Daniel) Swords


Played an absolute stormer. I  felt really confident on the day, CEO and I complimented each other through the presentation which is mad, again thanks so much, and ill talk to you very soon (Alan) Dublin 4


I feel way better I'm slightly confused as I've no idea what you did but I genuinely feel way more relaxed. Thank you again (Frank) Lucan


Hi Paul it's Johnny. I just wanted to text to say thank you, I had my meeting with my boss last night and it went really well which is a relief . . I couldn't have done it without all your help, thanks again. (Johnny) Dublin   


Thank you so much for your refreshing insight and a different approach to overcoming your fears and helping our team change their mindset,  You're insight and knowledge are a breath of fresh air and you most certainly have the power and experience to help drive any team forward!  I Cannot recommend you highly enough! (George) Crumlin


Hi Paul I just want to thank you for everything so far, and our journey has just begun - it's incredible to see something so new and fresh, unlike anything I have come across before, utterly professional, and such a great person.  Fabulous mind coach thank you so much!! (Rebecca) London


Long time it's Karl I'm so grateful for everything you did for me. I'm currently I'm seeking greatness my mind is sharper plus I don't give a fuck what others think of me. My training has gone to the next level. Working on new venture ideas 

Thanks for everything. (Karl) Dublin


Morning Paul. Just wanted to say thanks again and give you an update on me. I am just about to go inside to start a sales and marketing course! It's great I never thought I could have done it and actually feel excited at the same time. (Maria) Dundalk


Dear Paul

This is a very belated note after Dave's session for chronic pain with you on the 24th of December. We went straight from Dublin to our house in London on the 29th with friends and are only just back home now. There is no way that Dave could have coped happily with such a strenuous program of travel and partying if he had not come to see you. As it was he did very well and enjoyed the fun and company.

I can't thank you enough. The change in him is like a miracle and our friends who drove us down to spend time with other mutual friends were feeling that they should be ringing you up to thank you for giving them their friend back! I think Dave wants to contact you himself but since I was paying for his "new head" for Christmas, I wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for your amazing skill and the excellent treatment. It was very kind of you to accommodate us so close to Christmas when we had no flexibility with dates as we were staying for such a short time with our daughter. With thanks and very best wishes. (Mary) Bray


Hi Paul. First of all, I'd like to thank you for all you have done for me to date. I was really embarrassed about feeling the way I did and did not think I would be cured unless I took medication, something that did not sit well with me. After 2 sessions with you, I feel I have left a lot of baggage with you in Clontarf and I've walked away feeling lighter and my Mind clean, if that makes sense  I really don't know how long I could have gone on continually feeling the way I did before I had some sort of meltdown I was certainly heading that way. You have given me back clarity and my purpose understanding and a renewed joy about how one should see life. I can't thank you enough for that. Thanks again, Paul ... You've saved me. Talk soon (Donal) Dublin


Hi Paul. Thank you so much for your refreshing insight and a different approach to overcoming your fears and helping our team change. (Joe) Wexford 


Good Morning, Paul, I hope you are well. I feel amazing today! I honestly can't believe it. I feel like my head is clearer and I'm just happier I was talking to my mum earlier and she said she could just hear it in my voice. She also said the nature of what I was talking about was much more positive too

I don't know what you did but I feel so different. (Emily) Canada

Paul, you are an absolute gentleman I had a great session today I feel so good and this is just the start for me i can't wait to meet up with you again maybe give it a couple of weeks is that ok? your a gentleman Paul thanks so much for today. (Paul) Monkstown


Hi, Paul Maurice here. Just wanted to let you know I'm getting on great and haven't had any issues at all. Went out drinking on Saturday and didn't even think of the past! That's a first in years! So thanks again. I'll have to try my brother to have a session with you. Cheers. (Maurice) Straffin 


Thank you so much paul. Jasus I feel great and at peace. (Fran) Meath


Hi Paul, just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well, I haven't been anxious since our session sat Thanks so much. (Barry L) Dublin


Good morning Paul I had to text to tell you since my sessions with you I have lost 14 lb in weight came back from holiday 2 lighter and walked 4 to 5 hours a day without a crutch once again thank you. (Bernie) Newcastle 


Hey Paul!! Just wanted to say thank you a thousand times for yesterday. For taking the time with them. Some feedback: Sara just thought you were wonderful, so genuine and he just explains it all so well. It just makes perfect sense.  She is feeling really great today and loved whatever you did with her. She had a class sleep last night and is feeling really positive. My mum loved it too, after being really apprehensive. She thought it was excellent. As she says to me in the car last night..ya know it was strange because when he was talking to me last night and we were doing a few things, I didn't feel any pain in my joints or my hands. She had a really deep sleep last night and is well-rested.

Thanks a thousand times Paul and happy birthday. (Lisa) Killarney


Hi Paul, it's Sara here hope you don't mind Lisa passing on your email address. Just a quick email to say how much I appreciated the session on Saturday. I was overwhelmed by the time and effort you put into working with me and my mum, especially being as it was your birthday! It was a truly amazing experience, you have a real gift, not only with your skills but also with the ability you had to make me feel completely relaxed and at ease.

I feel fantastic and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait for the next session!

Take care. (Sara) Killarney


Hi Paul, Justin here, I just wanted to say thank you for talking to me that time that Lyndsay dropped me up to your office. I was in a bad place and talking to you gave me a push I needed and made me feel really positive again. I knew I had to get out of the situation I was in but talking to you really changed me. So I wanted to say thank you. I hope you and Lyndsay had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year. (Lola Healy) Dublin


Hey Paul. Just thought I'd say hello. It's one week since the session and I have to say I've noticed a big difference in a lot of ways that I wanted to see. Thanks for everything. Will be back in May before the exam. Hope all is well with you. :) (Noel) Mallow


Hello Paul today was a good day you helped me to let go of a lot of stuff Wednesday so looking forward to my next visit I'll text you early in the week (Jayson) Arklow


Hi Paul,
I just have to tell you that someone today approached me and spoke to me with that "displeased authority figure" energy. And I bust out laughing. A real laugh, from my belly. Still giggling. Thanks, (June) Dublin



Hi, Paul have meant to text u since the start of term to say thanks, I'm doing really well and have finished the first term, which earlier in the summer I was dreading. (Robert) Dublin


Hi Paul, Hope you enjoyed the rest of your week and managed to get some R&R on the weekend, even though it's awesome work to be a part of,  Firstly, once again, thank you so much Paul for seeing me and doing the session with me. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I'm planning to come over again very early next year, so actually getting that pint in at the very least is guaranteed. And, thank you so much for organizing everything and for keeping me in mind to meet you.  So...Friday was a pretty interesting day. I got home and had this ridiculous motivation to just sort everything out in my flat, which I did, then had the inkling to do all the pain-in-the-ass stuff which I normally avoid doing, which I did. Enjoying all of it, way too much! Not that I want to in any way, but I cannot get thoughts out of my mind about how good I feel and how fortunate I am. I actually sat with one of my guitars the other day and thought about how much happiness I've gleaned from it over the years, then I thought about how much collective human thought and science and knowledge over decades and centuries must have gone into creating "an electric guitar". And how lucky I am to have one. Then I realized, something is definitely different within me and it feels really great like I'm viewing the world through different lenses. It's effortless, and analogies do not suffice. I can honestly say the bad feelings about my ex simply isn't there anymore to warrant the thoughts I'm thinking about "it". What a phenomenal thing to be able to say :) Genuinely, thank you so much for helping me to get here. Still early doors, but the effects are already amazing to feel and I'm really looking forward to what's to come and unfold!!! Paul, when things get there and the time is right, I would love to be able to learn more about what you do and how it can be used to help people. Especially the mechanics of what is happening in the mind, it's fascinating. Needless to say, if there is ever the opportunity to learn, I'm there! Have a great evening and hope to hear from you soon! (David L Dubai)


Hi Paul 

Sorry for not getting in touch sooner - my phone went in the blink and I only have it back sorted with my saved numbers, etc. The girls did brill - 1st 2nd and 3rd place globes came home with us and every one of them that went down got placed and came home with a world medal. Thanks for all your help -All of the girls really felt you really helped them feel better and focus - a few of them I think want to see u again on a 1 to 1 before a big comp I have passed your Number out to them Thanks a million and I hope to see you again very soon. (Adel) Naas


Dear Paul, 
I wanted to come back to you and give you some feedback regarding Kate had only managed to get to school for about half the days in January, so things were getting very bad, the severity of her headaches getting worse. She would withdraw from us and put her head under a blanket in the living room saying the lights were too strong for her head and sit under the blanket on her phone the whole time with little interaction with us. Wednesday You did the main session on a Wednesday. On the way home from this session, I said we would grab some chips for tea from chipper and stop of to get her ingredients for class the next day.  She told me to go on into the chipper and order while she went in to shop to look for her stuff She would never have walked into that shop before on her own! Good start. Thursday I knew she would go to school the next day because it was an important day and she would not let her friend down by not coming in with half the stuff, so I knew she was on for school anyway. However, in school in registration class, the school hard girl (not quite a bully, but tough) had been taking her seat since September. Kate went up to her and said, 'I think that is my seat'. After a few mins, the girl got up and Kate has been sitting in her own seat since. Friday She went to school and came home in amazing form saying she did an amazing in the gym class. The teacher told her she should be in the Olympics!
Sat and Sun   No problems, NO HEADACHES. She has been fantastic since. She was coming down with a bad cold and sore throat by Friday and I would have been happy to allow her to stay home from school, but she didn't even ask. 
Overall it has been a great change. School ten days in a row so far. And for someone with her brain, it would be such a shame for her not to have the best school days she can. She even went and enjoyed her school trip. She is in grade 6, the first senior grade, and is doing great. We took a 2-night break on Sunday to a hotel down the country and I could even tell in the swimming pool that she was easier in herself. Doing handstands or tumbles in the pool. She would have always been afraid of hurting herself before.  Thank you so much. (Lorraine) UK


Hi Paul, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner it's been crazy over here. I would love to get down next week if that is possible. Everything has snowballed since I saw you and we are having some great success. Thanks again. Check out this link couldn't have done it without your help. (Tom) Westmeath 

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