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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Your mind does not know the difference between real thoughts and imagined ones. In a way, you think something and it becomes real. This is true for good things and for negative alike. The problem is that when you focus too much on negative thoughts they become alive: this is often generating stress and anxiety..

Remember the saying: “Where attention goes energy flows.” Focus on the good, positive simple aspects of life. Enjoy.

“Hi lovely people, here's an interesting fact that you can start to use. Hold it in your mind to see where you can apply it in your life.

I am referring to a study that was done in the Heart Math Institute. They got a group of people and they split it into two smaller groups. They got the people of one group to exercise their hands like this (showing the hand opening and closing). No weights or anything like that, just exercise in their hand.

They got the people of the other group to just imagine that they were exercising their hands. They didn't actually move their hands. They were actually doing it in their mind

first. After the challenge was given to them what they did was, the Hearth Math Institute measured both groups.

The first group, the ones who had physically done it, got a muscle strength increase of 30%. The ones that were imagining that they were moving their hands got a 26% increase in muscle strength.

Just the mere fact of using your mind to create an internal experience was

enough to change the body. And if that's true, that they could straighten their hand,

then the opposite of that has to apply. This means: if you think negative thoughts you

can make yourself sick. That's why doctor’s visits, well the majority of doctor

visits, are down to stress-related illnesses. So how does this apply to your

life? Just hold this concept in mind and remember: when

you're talking about a problem or thinking about a problem, you are

rehearsing the problem. And that can actually, strengthen a problem in your mind as well.

And remember your mind is like muscles. The more you think about something the stronger the neurons that support that memory become.

Your body is always responding to your thoughts because every time you think about a negative thought your body gets sprayed with negative chemicals.

And that can cause a state of dis-ease in the body. So just hold it in mind that when you are thinking about anything, and what you are thinking about is not real, your brain does not know the difference between, real and not real.

So as best you can, try and stop yourself making negative pictures in your head.

I'm Paul Campbell. And I look forward to sharing more Mind Health Solutions with you soon. “

Thank you for reading.

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