Anxiety-Free: What Are You Paying Attention to?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The following is the transcript of the video where Paul describes how what you pay attention to will influence the quality of your life. It can be for the worst but it can also be for the better.

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“In this video, I'm going to be teaching you some tips on how to change

how you feel. Some concepts and some insights into how to look at the life that

you already have differently. And how to be able to change how you feel about your life.

I got the inspiration for this video from a guy. He's an old guy, he's about 70,

And I'll make it short, he's 70 something years of age and he's a contractor. He

doesn't complain, he doesn't give out, he doesn't talk down to anybody. He has a

really positive mindset. So I wanted to find out what his mindset was like.

I know that the difference between somebody like this and somebody that's

got everything but feels unhappy, is the quality of their attention.

I dug in a little bit and asked him a few questions about what he was

paying attention to. But in his case what matters the most was what it was NOT paying attention to. The guy wasn't checking in with himself all the time to know how bad or good he was feeling.

I got from him was that he doesn't watch TV and he doesn't socialize with his kind

of generation of people. As I said, he's not being influenced to check in how he's

feeling all the time, from the outside world. And I realized that instead,

he has a better quality of life than most people because he's got a good quality of attention.

There is this constant pressure to look inside at how we are feeling all of the time, to see what's wrong. And once you start looking inside, and you start feeling bad, you then start to think and a recursive loop process starts.

If you pay attention to something that's funny, as soon as you stop paying

attention to it, what happens to the feeling? It dissipates. It's the exact

same with a negative feeling. The more you pay attention to the context of

the negative feeling the more it will just keep sustaining itself, and peaking.

Stop paying attention to the negative feeling. It might seem like it's hard, but it's

not. It's just not familiar. As best as you can, just keep shifting your attention from the negative feeling long enough for your body, and your nervous system to catch up.

Remember: your body's always eavesdropping on your mind, and your mind

is always eavesdropping on your body. So the two of them are listening to each

other. If you start to change how you think, then you start

changing how you feel, because your thoughts will create your feelings.

Just practice this a bit. And just shift your attention, and keep your attention

on the simple things in life, like being present, and being in the moment.

It just depends on what your quality of attention is: that's going to define your

quality of life.

Thank you for listening. And keep your eye on this page for more videos like this. And some more tips on the art of change.

Thank you very much.

You can request a free 15-minute discovery call with me. And I will discuss exactly how I can personally help you to overcome any challenges that you may have.

I'm Paul Campbell and I look forward to talking with you again soon.”

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