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Paul Campbell
The Mind Health Specialist

One of Ireland's most experienced Mind Specialists

Paul has thousands of hours of experience delivering therapy both in-clinic and online.

Get in touch today, and you will notice that even from the first free courtesy call how you will begin to feel better.

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Finally A Way to Change How You Feel

Do you: 

  • Worry?  

  • Over think?

  • Have trouble sleeping?

  • Get irritated very easy?

  • Feel angry? 

  • Get anxious?

I Can Help!

Get started now and you will: 

  • Begin to feel better from our first call 

Even after the first discovery call, people describe feeling much lighter.

  • Become free from negative and

       intrusive thoughts

In our four sessions together, I will show you how to: 

  • Stop worrying  

  • Stop thinking about the past and the future

  • Change how you feel about yourself 

  • Change how you feel about other people 

  • Have a more positive outlook on life  

  • Develop a strong, resilient, and more positive mindset

As we are working together you will develop the mindset to:

  • Get yourself out of a negative mood 

  • Put yourself into a more positive mood

  • Put things into perspective

  • Stop seeking approval

  • Let go of disapproval

  • Enjoy the simple things in life 

  • Sleep better

  • Make better decisions 

  • Have better relationships

Because you will be able to change how you feel, you will also be able to:

  • Stop and prevent arguments

  • Be more solution focused

  • Help other people with their challenges without getting stressed or annoyed

  • Take things less serious and enjoy life more  

Get in touch with me to learn more! 

Sky Business Centre 57 Clontarf Road Dublin 3


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