How to use the Power-Pause

The Three Minute Power Pause 

The full title of the power pause is the "Three Minute Power Pause" because in as little as three minutes you can relieve stress and anxiety and regain your balance.
Your conscious mind tries to monitor and guide your activities based on its beliefs and experiences - in other words, your inner map of reality.
Your experiences are to a large extent the result of your beliefs and your inner map of reality. Change your beliefs and your experiences will change.

If you tried to do this practice for 30 minutes or more your mind will tell you that you don't have time. But you can give yourself permission to take just 3 minutes. Your conscious mind won't object to 3 minutes.


After a short, while of doing this you will find the mere intent of doing it breaks your concentration with your current preoccupations.

Please don't be deceived by its simplicity!





How To Do The Power Pause


[1] The first principle is to break focus, disconnect from the problem - switch your thinking away from it.

When you want to stop thinking about a problem, simply change your focus to a pleasant experience and the problem will no longer occupy your thinking space.

When you're caught up in fear, you are actually feeding your problem and helping it grow. The solution is to starve it by withdrawing your focus and energy from it.

It's not enough to change your mind about a problem you have to keep it changed. What you say doesn't really matter as long as it lifts your spirit and you can say it with feeling.

When fear and doubt try to overwhelm you, use your positive statements and repeat them over and over like a mantra. It starves the fear and negativity and gives your mind something else to focus on.
Give up the need for control, take a leap of faith, and fear will vanish.



[2] Feel how you would feel if everything you wanted to happen actually occurred.

After you've broken focus with your problems, after you've directed your attention away from what is bothering you, then you start to feel how you would feel if everything you wanted to happen actually occurred.


Feel how you would feel if your biggest problem was solved to your complete satisfaction.

Your subconscious mind can not differentiate between real and imagined experience. It reacts very strongly to powerful emotions or energy. It is like a goal-seeking mechanism on auto-pilot.

[3] Then just… breathe a quiet, heartfelt 'thank you to the universe, to God, or whatever you regard as the Higher Power that guides all our footsteps.

"Gratitude triggers one of the greatest mystical laws of the universe.
It's as if you've already received the things you want and you're expressing thanks for them.
The very act of giving thanks accelerates the flow of the eternal river of joy, peace, and all good things."

You must take action yourself and do everything you can. This is important and is required of all of us.
Think of this as a "multi-vitamin for the soul"!


Don't be misled by the simplicity of this, it's simple but not always easy. Many people start and expect to see immediate big changes and then give up.

This is a regular practice and with practice will become second nature to you. After a while, you will find yourself doing this automatically as needed.

Think of this practice as a "multi-vitamin for the soul"!
Don't analyse it, and don't try to figure out how your problems will work out.

The hardest part will be learning how to get out of your own way and learning how to drop the "How?"

Remember that we live in an energetic universe and what you focus your energy on expands.