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For over 25years, I’ve been helping People transform their lives using many different disciplines  such as,

Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Psychology, CBT, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming,Time-Line-Therapy,EFT, Thought-Field-Therapy, Specialized Health Kinesiology, Food sensitivity Testing, and Pain management.


Many People who come to see me, have often struggled with anxiety, fear, worry, low self esteem,or some health issue often on a daily basis. Many of these issues are often connected to a persons emotional state, life style, trauma, or perception of a stressful environment. I help my clients achieve deep transformational changes within themselves,allowing them to experience more freedom from anxiety, panic, phobias,ocd, low self esteem, and often improved states of health. I also teach my clients the necessary skills to improve their lives ,empowering them to have more confidence, self belief, and peace of mind on a daily basis. I can work with you with both emotional and physical issues.and develop a specific program tailored to you to improve your life.


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   Freedom from anxiety/panic
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        Do you ever feel Lightheaded, with an overwhelming
Urge to run away?
Do you ever feel like you are breathing too fast, or you are holding your breath?
Do you sometimes feel jittery, or out of control?
Many people are often confused that these strange feelings could be related to panic and increased anxiety. When you experience these feelings and sensations on a regular basis, life can seem really difficult. You can even find it difficult sometimes to explain how you are feeling to others.
  However, there is hope!
Life does not have to be this way for you!
Here at Mindhealthcoach, many People find freedom from anxiety and panic disorder, and a whole new life opens up to them.
This can often be achieved in as little as 4 to 5 sessions.
If you would like to find out more
about how I can help you become free of panic and anxiety or some other issue, please contact me on 
085-281-0252, or email me at
   Help is always just a phone call away.
Note: many people notice significant improvements even after the first two sessions.

Client Feedback

I came to see Fintan about 5 years ago, I worked in a very stressful environment on a daily basis. Over time I suffered from extreme panic attacks and irritable bowel. After a few sessions,I no longer experienced panic attacks or Irritable bow

Many thanks

 Ciaran Waters


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