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How It Works

Each and every person is unique and sees the world differently based on their own personal life experiences. I use Advanced Psychology Persuasion Influence and Mind Integration techniques that are specific to the needs of each person. I will help you change very quickly how you think and feel. Whether it's Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression, or even if you feel Lost, Stuck, or Just fed up and feel unfulfilled.


Mind Health Coaching is the art of changing how you think and feel.


The biggest question I get asked is, why can't I stop feeling like this?

From my experience, the more you think or talk about the problem the more you are rehearsing it, which is why, in most cases, therapy can sometimes be counterproductive. The more you look for reasons why you have the problem, the more you reinforce it. And the more you reinforce it with the whys, the more sensitive the problem can become, and that's why it can feel like you're stuck in a vicious circle of thinking about how you are feeling.


Over the years, I have been privileged to be able to work with people from all walks of life. I worked with people who seem to have every reason to be happy, but still felt sad and anxious most of the time. I have worked with people who lost everything, who couldn't make decisions and felt stuck in a constant loop of negative thinking. It is important to feel uncomfortable sometimes, but it's unnecessary for anybody to be feeling uncomfortable most of the time.

So what's different about Mind Health Coaching?

Traditional talk therapies most often are focused on the past. They focus on just finding out why you have the feelings and then labeling them. Talking about your problems can sometimes help you feel better. But in the long term, it can often make you feel worse. Other disciplines are focused on advising you on what you should be doing. Normally they teach you common sense and logical things that you probably already know. But no matter how hard you try to do the techniques, it can feel like you are having a constant argument inside yourself.


What I am more interested in knowing is, what do I need to do first, so I can help you to let go of the unrealistic and irrational feelings that are holding you back. I will help you to update the resources inside of you so that you have the ability to live in the present. Then, I will train your mind to have a better quality of attention. Because your quality of life depends on, What you focus onHow often you focus on it, and The meaning you give to the things you focus on. Most people that struggle with anxiety have what's called scattered attention. People that have a good quality of life normally have a good quality of attention.


Good quality of attention is essential because, without a good quality of attention, life will be unnecessarily difficult. We were told to focus on the positive things in life, but most people were never taught how to be good at focusing on the positive things in life. 

Most anxiety is learned through an accumulation of life experiences that create automatic negative responses. You have to bring your mind through a new experience to update these automatic responses.


And when you make these changes, the irrational part of the anxiety can never work the same way again. When you combine these deeper changes with a simple strategy, that you will take away with you, to be able to, let go of unnecessary feelings / To be able quickly to put things into perspective / And the ability to stay present. All of this together will empower you. And when you can change how you think and feel yourself, then you will truly feel free and independent.


When I'm helping you to change, I am not just talking to you, I am specifically working on changing how you think and feel about what you want to change. And when you do this, unrealistic, and irrational anxiety will not work anymore because I help you experience how to be present and how to put things in perspective.   So if you think this experience will add value to your life, then take the next step and just give me a quick call, and I will discuss exactly how I can help you.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you soon. Paul Campbell

phone +353857173787

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