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Welcome to the fast self-help techniques page. Feel free to discover the fastest ways to change how you think and feel. These techniques are very easy to use, and you can use them to quickly change how you feel. And you can also use them to help someone you care about to feel better.  

Check out the welcome video and discover, why and how, they will work.

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Pattern Interrupt Technique


Pattern Interupt

There are patterns to everybody's thinking and patterns to everybody's behavior. I am trained to spot these negative patterns and change them. Whenever you bring a thought process up into the working memory, it automatically becomes open up to interpretation. And as soon as you start to work on that thought in a positive and productive way, you are changing how your mind processes that thought, belief or feeling. It's impossible for it to change. If you keep thinking the old way the problem will never change. Every belief is open up to interpretation. So sit back, relax and enjoy updating your mind.  


The Release Technique

The Quick Release Technique 

If you want to change your mood, you must be willing to think differently. The release technique is a completely different way of thinking, compared to what most of us were thought. Most people were thought how to push their feelings down, and collect them. And some people were thought to express feelings through anger, frustration, or to escape unwanted feelings by turning to addictions, like Drinking, Eating, Shopping, Working, or Watching TV. But not many people were ever thought the skill of letting go.  Before you begin to Let Go. Click on the instructions video to learn how to use the Release Technique.    

Power Pause Instructions

The Power Pause 

Power Pause.

The Power Pause - Background And Introduction

The Power Pause is a very simple but powerful technique developed and taught by John Harricharan.

It relieves stress and anxiety, helps you regain your balance, and manifests your intentions.

I first discovered John about 9 years ago.
He is a remarkable but very humble man who has experienced great personal loss and tragedy and yet has achieved considerable success in several spheres of life.

He teaches from experience and from the heart - which is always a powerful combination.

Mind Integration Technique

Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique

Regardless of where or how we live, it’s likely that we’ll all experience emotional stress at some point in our lives. Many of us take this for granted and dismiss this, but what if there was a way to help release this? Yes! and I have put together a simple technique for emotional stress release which can help anyone, in minutes to disolve negative thoughts and feelings.

There is a simple* way to release emotional stress, whether it is regarding current situations, the past or the future. It is so simple that when I first learnt it from in a Kinesiology** training, I thought it was magic or the people whom I practised with were making up the changes they experienced in just a few minutes. I am sharing this technique for emotional stress release as stress is something we all suffer from in varying degrees.

You can experiment with this technique for yourself right after reading the next two paragraphs. However, please do read the whole article for different uses and mostly importantly, some precautions. I encourage you to also apply this technique for your family and friends so that they can learn about it; and so that you will gain confidence with this technique and use it often


Mind Intergration Technique


A demonstration using the power pause & Release Technique together


The Necker Cube

The Quantum Zeno Effect is also known as the quantum mechanical effect, that many researchers say is the key feature that permits free choices

Each time you flip your perception of the Necker Cube, Gamma Waves stream across your brain! These waves are correlated with "Aha" moments, and moments of clarity.



The Necker Cube

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