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About Fintan

I can help you become free of Anxiety, low self esteem, stress,panic,fear,or Depression.I can also help you improve many chronic Health issues

Hello My name is Fintan Griffin. Everyday I work with People to help them improve their Health,and become free of many emotional issues. I also put together a specific program that Is tailored towards each Client to improve all their life issues. I teach them, how to easily let go of their negative beliefs and limitations, and to develop unshakeable confidence in themselves. When the mind is stressed over a long period of time,as in chronic Anxiety or Depression,a person can often feel mentally and physically drained. In this bewildered state they often long to be like the Person they used to be, before this happened to them. I know exactly how this feels,as I lived with chronic anxiety for nearly 20 years,and a food phobia, or fear for 2 years. One sunday while eating dinner, I nearly choked on a piece of meat,it was a terrible frightening experience,as a result nerve endings in my throat we’re damaged. Because of the experience,I developed a phobia or fear of eating solid food. I also lost 5 stone in weight because of my fear of eating.this left me in a very weakened state both psychologically and physically. I really felt at the time that no one could help me,even though I saw many health professionals,my situation did not improve. At the time,I thought I could die I felt so weak. Over the next 2 years, I lived on what I thought were safe foods such as baked beans,custard,tapioca, boiled vegetables liquified, yogurts,ice cream,and any food that was soft and easy to swallow. In my weakened state I became nervous and paranoid about what foods to eat,also my energy was low, and I began to lose my hair.I also had developed nutritional deficiencies which further compounded the the problems I had. Eventually I was lucky enough to find a practitioner with many years of experience who specialized in naturopathic medicine,psychotherapy ,and Kinesiology. She helped me let go of the many negative emotions and feelings I had around eating food. She used many different therapies ,including Kinesiology, nutrition, and psychotherapy to help me regain my Health,this did not happen straight away but I steadily improved over some time. From that moment on I dedicated my life to studying every discipline and protocol to improve Peoples life both emotionally and Physically. After many years of study, and having lived through some emotional and physical health issues. I now feel I can better understand each Person who comes to see me with both emotional and physical issues. During the many years I lived with anxiety, I often experienced many strange symptoms here are some of the symptoms I experienced sometimes on a daily basis and at other times they would seem to ease.


1.choking sensations

2.Achey chest

3.Clenched teeth


5.Dry mouth

6.Fear of the outside World

7.Rapid heart rate

8.Burning sensations

9.Hissing in Ears

19.Tingling sensations


These sensations can vary with each person,and sometimes can have other causes. What I did not know at the time,was that in my case all of these symptoms were harmless, and were due to prolonged anxiety. This is how I can help you make the necessary changes,to improve your life issues. When I see a client ,they tell me exactly what they would like to improve, or what areas of their life where they feel limited. I then put together a specific program that is tailored exactly to that Person and their life issues. Over the years this approach ,and attention to detail has achieved great results. I will also teach you how you can use these skills to improve your health and to let go of any limitations.



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